The Internet is full of talent that has been barely discovered. However, there is a lot of crap that get's out the that makes you want to vomit on your significant other.

Video games have sure found a place on the internet, especially old school video games. The music in some of these games is very memorable.


This fine gentleman, Smooth McGroove, and his epic beard exists; and he sings extremely well.

Memorable music from video games like Mega Man, Legend of Zelda, Mario, you name it, Mr. McGroove has done it all in a capella (singing without instruments).

Watch a couple of his videos below, and be wowed by his talent of breaking down some of our favorite video game tunes. Watch out for his cat, too; he is pretty rad.

If you really like what you hear, check out his videos on YouTube and buy his albums too! I already did...