Before there was a battle between Xbox and Playstation, there was the classic battle between Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. Also knows as 'The Bit Wars.' Super Nintendo still takes the cake for me in games, but Sega Genesis had it's greats, and there are quite a few of them that are worth some cash!

I remember receiving my Sega Genesis from my father. One day he just walked in the house holding a brand new Sega Genesis game console (Sonic 2 included!) and a copy of The Lion King for it. Unlike SNES and NES, there are not to many valuable Sega Genesis games. Sega did outsell Super Nintendo in America around it's release, and when there is a top selling console, more games a produced, thus making the value of some games decline.

MUSHA- $150-$200

Splatterhouse 3- $50-$100

Punisher- $50-$100

Crusader of Centy- $80-$300

Grind Stormer- $65-$130

TMNT: Hyperstone Heist- $30-$60

*Prices Averaged from eBay sales*

The unique thing behind Sega Genesis games was they case they came in. They were hard plastic cases that help up really well over the years. Super Nintendo had cardboard boxes that most people just threw away, so collecting complete Genesis games is a lot easier.

REMEMBER! These prices are what eBay sellers think that the game should sell for. Plus, Retro Gaming is insanely popular right now, so prices of old games will go up due to popular demand.

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Genesis Does, What Nintendon't