And the list goes on...

  • 41

    Jungle Rework


    You said it was coming... where is it? We want more viable junglers and the option to choose between ganks and farm. And we want to jungle the worst champs in the game with ease...

  • 42

    The Ability To Sell Back Unwanted Champs And Runes


    Being able to sell back champs and runes is not a likely scenario. But it would be cool to sell back those tier 1 +2 runes that you bought. Sure you can upgrade them, but the rune combiner seems to always just produce mana per level runes :/

  • 43

    A New Necromancer Champ


    Fuzzatron wants something very specific. He demands a summoner/necromancer champion that isn't stupid Yorick. I wanna hold down ALT and command an army!

  • 44

    Ezreal In My Pants


    Logarythm wants Ezreal in his pants... Given that request I chose a photo of a guy that I think would look similar to you, then I put Ezreal in your pants.

    Figured Riot wouldn't hook you up with your request, so Merry Xmas Logarythm!

  • 45

    A Heat Miser Skin For Brand


    I'm Mister Green Christmas
    I'm Mister Sun
    I'm Mister Heat Blister
    I'm Mister Hundred and One
    They call me Heat Miser!

  • 46

    Riot Points


    Hook it up with some free Riot points for Christmas please. Everyone wants it. And while you are at it, hook some up for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc...

  • 47

    Advanced Tutorial/Training On Last Hitting, Warding, Jungling, Ganking, Harassing, and Zoning


    Sure the proving grounds were a good addition to the tutorial game modes. But it would be nice if it went a little more in depth so that new players can grasp the basic concepts of the game more easily. Also be sure to add in some sweet ass montage music while you are going through said tutorials. I want to see some Rocky style training sessions!

  • 48

    A New Trundle Skin

    zebano / kalazar

    Let's face it Riot, most of your community consists of trolls... So why not give them different outfits to dress up in!? People ask for new Trundle skins on the forums almost daily, when will you deliver Riot?

  • 49

    Rework The Shop


    Can we get some custom recommend items up in this b*tch? Please? I hate wasting time navigating around the crappy shop. Fix now please! Here is a tutorial on how to use the shop...

  • 50

    Moar Items (And Moar Activated Items)