And the list goes on...

  • 21

    Nikasaur <(^^<)


    1 Nikasaur please! OK, so Riot probably won't give up their Nikasaur for Xmas... I'm pretty sure they are only allotted enough money to purchase one per year. So here is the next best thing, Nikasaur doing a lil booty dance.
  • 22

    Magma Chamber!

    Grizzlymint / Slaynatic / f1ddl3 / Lafer

    We want another competitive 5v5 map please. You said it was coming, then you said it wasn't. Now you say it's still in the works... What is it Riot!? Update us please!

  • 23

    The Ability To Zoom Out


    You can do this already... not quite sure if it is frowned upon by Riot or not though. Search for LoL Zoom Hack and you should be good to go. But if it is frowned upon... LET US FRIGGIN ZOOM OUT RIOT! ZOMG!
  • 24

    DoTA 2


    Riot probably doesn't want you to have this for Christmas.

  • 25

    Holiday MS And Dodge Quints

    ocmu / RaihaanHiMsElF

    They do this already... Well not necessarily MS and Dodge, but runes in general. So Riot, give us cheap tier 2.5 MS and Dodge quints.

    Riot Games
  • 26

    A New Cass Skin

    Cattacus / Heesus

    Where is the love for our favorite snake champion? Why no Medusa skin? Personally I would want an "8bit Snake: The Game skin"... but whatever is clever

    flickr /
  • 27

    Capture The Flag Mode


    They did it in WoW, and it was fun. So can we have it too please? You already copied Arathi Basin, why not steal Warsong Gultch?
  • 28

    Take Trithon To Dreamhack


    Trithon, they probably won't send you to Dreamhack... Unless you: Get a hot girlfriend, and some LoL tattoos. Then Riot just might send you to Dreamhack next year!

    This just in: "Trithon is Canadian and doesn't belong at dreamhack." - Silverx2

  • 29

    Gifting Skins / Champs / Runes From The Store


    Being able to buy someone a skin or a champion for their birthday or a holiday would be very welcome to the LoL community... Buy me stuff! Right! Now!

    flickr / alancleaver_2000
  • 30

    Give Us Achievements!

    arturcunha / blazerk / endeavourOV-105

    The glowing 'Achievements' button lurks in the corner of the client... Mocking us. "Why doesn't it do anything?", we ask. Do we really achieve nothing by playing this game? Hook it up Riot.

    Riot Games
  • 31

    Spectator Mode... It's Coming


    The much anticipated spectator mode beta is happening right now, so the option should be available soon. Whether you can watch ranked matches or not is another question all together.

    Riot Games
  • 32

    A PvE Experience


    Dungeon crawling with some buddies would be a nice change of pace from Summoners Rift. Plus you could troll your friends up LEEEEEERRRROOOOOYYYYYYY JENKINS!!!!!!! Style.
  • 33

    New Summoner Icons

    msandbot / wheresnessie / doodlebucket

    We have had to suffer through the same 29 summoner icons... Well, suffer through is a bit strong, I don't actually pay to much attention to them. Some people have had to suffer through the same 29 summoner icons...

    Riot Games
  • 34

    Custom Summoner Icons

    RazXIII / SuperPanic / Nithoren

    Since we are on the topic of summoner icons... RazXIII wants the ability to create custom summoner icons. This sounds like a good idea in theory, but then SuperPanic brings up a good point. It's called Super's Law of Inevitability: If you give people freedom, they will give you dicks. So... no custom summoner icons until they finish the dick filter.

    flickr / zoetnet
  • 35

    Pause Button


    Not quite sure how well a pause feature would work. In casual normal games it seems much more viable. Some people want it Riot, so you should probably look into it.

    flickr / sun dazed
  • 36

    Stealth Rework


    Everyone has been begging for updates on the stealth rework and the only response is "In a few months." Well we would like stealth to be correctly balanced in time for the holidays.

  • 37

    A Mac Client


    This could be good, this could be bad. When you add a Mac Client you are doing 2 things. You are adding to the number of people who have their head up their own ass, and you are adding more players who don't have very much experience playing video games. That being said, I have some dumb Mac friends who have expressed interest in playing LoL.

    flickr / rudolf_schuba
  • 38

    A Legendary Anivia Skin


    xQcKx wants a legendary Anivia skin. It makes sense why, Anivia is one of the original 40 champs and she is one of the least messed with mages. So hook it up Riot! We want a legendary skin for Xmas.

    Riot Games
  • 39

    Make 'Proving Grounds' Playable In Custom Games

    f1ddl3 / Starfly1
  • 40

    Moar Easter Eggs Please!

    MBuell01 / BDNate17

    More Easter Eggs please. According to LoL-Wiki: There are currently only 3 confirmed gameplay-altering hidden passives in League of Legends: Law of Inverse Ninja Strength: Ninjas are more effective when they work alone. -1 health for each other allied ninja. This applies only to the ninja characters: Akali, Kennen, and Shen. [1] Prowl: Nidalee's Prowl grants her the power of a "cougar". Nearby allied champions gain +5 experience if they are a lower level than Nidalee upon her level up. [2] Sunlight: Leona's Sunlight deals one less damage to champion skins wearing sunglasses (eg. Surfer Singed and the Commando skins).[3]