Last night, San Antonio's Nothing More hit The Stache with their high-energy show, and blew away everyone at The Stache!

There were a lot of Nothing More live virgins at the beginning of the night, but after the show, the band had everyone elevated to super-fan status.  The guys keep the show going quickly, with a lot of energy, and they have some really cool stage setups, too!

Some of the awesome things they do include the giant multiple-axis mount for the bass solo, which you can see below, and the Stomp-like section during the song "Salem".  Look below for video from their show with Chevelle from earlier this year for that video.

The live performance of "This is the Time (Ballast)" kicks ass, so enjoy!

The guys had to be tired from the day of paintball earlier with GRD listeners, but none of that showed during their set.

Nothing More rocks!

This is the Time (Ballast) Live

Bass Solo

Salem (from the show with Chevelle)