The WiiU has been criticized for being, "Just another Wii system." With the juggernaut systems like Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, WiiU really needs some solid games to compete in the competitive video game market. Well, it seems that those games have been announced!

Looks like Nintendo will not fall into last place as they are building their WiiU Army! I do not own a WiiU quite yet, but it looks like I will need to start saving my pennies, because I CANNOT miss out on these titles that will be gracing the new system soon!

Titles announced are:

Super Smash Bros U, Zelda HD, Mario, Mario Kart, Zelda Wind Waker HD!

Even introducing the VIRTUAL CONSOLE to WiiU! My big question of the WiiU was if I could transfer my VC games from my Wii to WiiU. Sadly you can't, but to assist with it, you can re-download your previously purchased games onto WiiU for a extremely reduced price.

Nintendo announced that there will playable demo's of some of these games at this year E3 Gaming Expo! Man, I am pretty excited to see some of these games!