The wait is finally over and Nintendo has shown the public their brand new console, the true successor to the best selling Wii.......The Wii U!

The new console which is set to be released in 2012 is a FULL 1080p gaming console (Its about time Nintendo). It also includes backward compatibility to your current Wii games and Controllers, and will also have a hopefully stellar online service. The console seems to have a resemblance to the Xb0x 360 as well. What caught everyone was the new controller for the console.

The picture you see in this post IS THE CONTROLLER! It has a 6 1/2 inch screen built into it with a camera, motion controls, dual analog sticks, D-pad and X,Y,B,A buttons. Here is what this juggernaut can do....say your playing Zelda right? Gotta switch and item and don't care to press start to select from a menu? Well, on your Wii U controller, just touch the item you want and KABOOM there ya are! Easy to use and quick as well! Also the controller acts as a television. Your mate is like, "Turn off the damn game! I wanna watch some stupid show!" SIMPLY import the game from your TV to the controller and continue playing! Sweet.......

Lastly, will the console have games to back it up? Let's about Mass Effect 3, Battlefield 3, and all the new sports games, and a Zelda game that looks like Uncharted: Drakes Fortune? 3rd Party Support (which is something Wii NEVER had) is coming to Wii U. Yea, I think it will.

One more thing....Price? President of Nintendo of America Reggie Phil-Aimes stated  "Its about value, not price." In short, this thing will NOT come cheap.

Will you jump on the Nintendo bandwagon once again?