15 years ago, we stepped into the realm of 3D gaming for our home televisions. 15 years ago, Mario stepped into the 3rd dimension. 15 years ago, Nintendo 64 launched to create the standard of how 3D games are to be played.

I remember the first day I got my Nintendo 64. Man, it was what seemed like the greatest day of my childhood life. Being able to play bad ass games like Super Mario 64, Goldeneye 007, Wave Race 64, etc. It was like it got a new lease on life for gaming! Everyone still had their Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo, but no more of that 16 bit stuff. I was 64 bit mother effer!

The Nintendo 64 was extremely innovative for its time, with it's strange analog stick on the controller and C-Buttons. The games such as Super Mario 64, set the standard of what 3D platformers were to be created. Games like God of War, Castlevania, Banjo-Kazooie, etc. All followed the Super Mario 64 formula, and still is being used to this day. Goldeneye 007 is still being played in College dorm rooms. Goldeneye 007 again set the standard of multiplayer first person shooters such as Call of Duty, Halo, Borderlands, etc.

Although defeated by the superior Sony Playstation in sales, the Nintendo 64 still has its hardcore base.

Here is to another 15 years of Metal Mario and 4 player rounds of Goldeneye 007! (FYI, you suck if you use Oddjob.....)