Lemmy is God....that is just how it is! Joining an already impressive line-up with Slipknot, Slayer,and Anthrax, Motorhead will  be joining the amazing tour, to make the festival that much more awesome!

The highly rumored "secret band" for the Rockstar Mayhem Festival is no longer a rumor, as Motorhead will join the amazing lineup of Mayhem Fest.

This comes to no suprise, because the dudes that run Mayhem Fest pretty much said that Motorhead would be joining the tour, but they didn't want to confirm anything till this coming March. Even though it is not March yet, it's pretty bad ass to hear that Motorhead will be joining this metal fest. Gonna be amazing!

Lemmy went on to say in an interview, "Yeah we are, yeah. With Slayer I think. It should be a good tour.”

Well if that doesn't confirm it, I don't know what does....check out the full release here at Loudwire!