JT Photography

Metallica surprised Orion festival goers with a secret show to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their first studio album, Kill 'Em All.  The band listed themselves as 'dehaan,' an unknown band from Baltimore.  Some fans seemed like they knew that Metallica would take the stage instead of this mystery band, but the vast majority of the festival had no clue what was about to happen.

After a quick introduction, Metallica took the stage as the crowd erupted in cheers.  Hundreds of people all over the festival slowly began to realize that Metallica was playing and began sprinting to the side stage.

Metallica opened with 'Hit The Lights' and proceeded to play the entire 'Kill 'Em All' album from start to finish.  It was 30 years ago that Metallica released their first album, and it's been one hell of a ride ever since.  Oh, and in case you were wondering why the band chose the name 'dehaan,' it's the last name of the leading actor, Dave Dehaan, in Metallica's upcoming film Metallica Through the Never.

Check out a quick video of the crowd's reaction to dehaan...

Alas, we didn't feel like holding up our camera for the entire performance (F%$# us, right?)  But, I did find a complete live play through of Kill Em All, which you can check out below.