Went up to Mackinac City a couple weekends ago and had a good time! Visited the local shops, ate lots of food, bought the usual amount of fudge, etc. We visited this random pizza place in Mackinac City, and if you travel back to the restroom area, you will find video game gold.

There are a lot of great things to notice about the city and island of Mackinac, but it's the little things that can make a trip.

In the back of a random pizza joint, I found a tiny arcade with a Nightmare on Elm St pinball machine and one of my favorite light gun games, Area 51. I think it's kind of amusing to be surrounded in a city/island that has such a rich history, but I am still fascinated with my childhood. Chances of you finding an Area 51 machine laying around are still pretty good, so search your local skate and bowling joints.


(Photo: Metalhead Ned/WGRD.com)