The Super Nintendo (SNES) many great memories come to mind when I even look at this game console. In my life, this is the 'pinnacle' of video gaming for me. There are no other game consoles out there that I have played more than Super Nintendo. The games on this console define the word 'quality' to me. This list was INCREDIBLY difficult for me to whittle down too, so check out the list and see if yours makes it!

  • Super Mario World

    This has been and always will be my FAVORITE Super Mario game. It was the first SNES game I ever played (It came with the console when I got it). It was Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES) on crack! There was a reason this game was called "World," because you explored a HUGE world, with tons of hidden area, Switch Palaces, Castles, and the dreadfully difficult Super Secret Zone in the Star Road. If you wanted to finish the game within' an hour, you could! Just use the Star Road, get to Bowser's Castle, and defeat him there. This game is just full of stuff to do, and I will plug this one in any day. One last thing, if you have a friend/sibling, you can co-op the game together, which was always fun with my brother.

  • Super Metroid

    This game......this FREAKIN' considered on many list as one of the "Greatest Games of All Time." I very much agree with that statement. No game out there has made me feel more immersed into the game than Super Metroid. The creepy atmosphere, the music, the sound effects, the storyline...just everything in this game brought out the best of the SNES. The entire Planet Zebes was in your hands, and you had to defeat the Mother Brain...which the end boss fight is just epic. From the adrenaline pumping beginning to the satisfying ending, this game is a NEAR perfect game, and is one you should never miss out on.

  • Super Earth Defense Force

    Side Scrolling Shooter at it's finest! least I think so...Super Earth Defense Force is a 'Diamond in the Rough' that not too many people know about. The music is what always grabs me into this game, and I actually have a ringtone of one of the songs. The songs just have that sound that says, "YEA, LET'S DO THIS!" Music aside though, the variety of weapons you chose from is massive (always go for Homing), and the game play requires the best of your reflexes. You are going too need those too...cause this in one of the MOST DIFFICULT games I have ever played, and I still can't beat it without Game Genie.

  • Final Fantasy III

    Everyone in the world pretty much thinks Final Fantasy 7 (PSX) is the best Final Fantasy ever. While I think FF7 is a great game, FF6 is truly 'where it's at.' Have you ever played this beast of a game? It was a groundbreaking game on the Super Nintendo and still holds up INSANELY well. The graphics, the use of Mode 7, MUSIC, and the story. The game was just so 'artfully' done, and nothing at the time was as great looking as Final Fantasy 6 was. If you were wondering back in the 90's which console you should get, Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo...this was one the reasons you bought a Super Nintendo. (Or one of the others ones...)

  • Donkey Kong Country 3

    Why not DKC 2 or 1?!?! The others are AMAZING, don't get me wrong on that, but DKC3 was the game that I said, "I'm am going to collect EVERYTHING is this game." When I got it on Christmas of 1996, I was attached to my TV screen for hours collecting every DK and Bonus Coin, figuring out which item goes to which Bear, and collecting those Banana Birds. Like most Rareware was all about collecting things! DKC3 offerered so many hidden items and collectables, it kept you attached to this game. It was a little more bright and colorful than the others, but something about DKC3 hits a certain spark in me that always choses 3 over 1 and 2. I still am not a huge fan of Kiddie Kong, but Dixie could helicopter with her hair, and that was awesome.

  • Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

    Mario + Squaresoft = Match made in Heaven

    This is a collaboration that worked so damn well, I have been wanting a sequel to this game ever since it came out. I know there have been 'somewhat' sequels to this game, but nothing as charming and fun as this one was. If you were a 'noob' to RPG games, this was one you could easily figure out and enjoy. The storyline is great and introduces some of the most memorable yet forgotten characters. Also, this was the first time that 'Mario traditionalism' was tossed out the door and Bowser became and ally! CRAZY! You wouldn't expect something like this too work so well, but it did...extremely well. I have played this game hundreds of times, and it still feels as fresh as it did back in the 90's. I hope someday there will be a Super Mario RPG 2, with improved visuals, but similar gameplay...I can hope right?

  • Mega Man X

    I $*#(@( LOVE THIS GAME! During the 90's, we were used to the same old Mega Man games on NES, and they were all awesome, so why fix what isn't broken right? Well, Mega Man had to make the 16-bit leap at some point...and he did...the best leap EVER! The music, the darker tone, his buddy Zero (which I totally thought was a girl at one point), the suit upgrades, the Storm Eagle music, and just MAN...MEGA MAN FLIPPIN' X!!!! That first level of Mega Man X just grabs you into this game, and will MAKE you finish the game. It is not necessarily an easy game, but you ignore that because it's just so damn awesome.

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time

    Arcade machines were slowly dying out around this period in video we could no longer find that 'arcade' experience anymore...then this one came around and showed us that you CAN own an arcade game at your house! TMNT 4 was just a extremely solid beat-em up game, and was even better with a friend. Tossing foot soldiers at the screen was extremely satisfying and the game just looked great. For me, that was the best part...I am not a huge person when it comes to graphics, but for this just looked great.

  • Super Punch Out!

    This was the last 'good' Punch Out game, why? It was original! The lastest Punch Out! game on Wii, is basically just a super polished version of the original. Super Punch Out! had that 'Super' look to it. You always tried to get the best times at beating some of your opponents, and that was always challenging when you friend had a better time. When people think of Punch Out, they think of Mike Tyson's Punch Out on NES. I like that game, but I think the SNES version was way better.

  • Actraiser

    I didn't find out about this game until way after the PS2 was launched. My friend brought it over and we played it for a bit, and I was hooked. This game was pure SNES! It has town building, side scrolling action, an awesome soundtrack, and a steady difficulty. It's another 'Diamond in the rough' type of game that not to many people know about.