I remember Limp Bizkit in their good days. My first CD was Limp Bizkit's Significant Other. Sometimes you might find me rockin' to it in my Jeep around town sometimes. Lately though, Fred and the boy's don't seem to be seeing eye to eye on things, which might get DJ Lethal and John Otto kicked from the L-I-M-P.

In a series of Tweets from DJ Lethal, he goes on to say:

"So far the only news I've heard is that Fred has plans for a 'new' LIMP BIZKIT which doesn't include John Otto or I. I'm hoping for the best.

"From what I understand, Fred doesn't approve of our lifestyle which includes partying and fun. I don't want to cause drama. It's unfair.

"I've tried to reach out and make things better. But Fred seems to have made up his mind. Bands fight and argue all the time,  just don't get it.

"This is not an April Fool's joke, unfortunately.

"I love being in LIMP; it's been my life for 15 years. A lot of good people and good times.

"I'm not going to whine about it. I just had to vent because it's pretty sad. And had to address all the fans that a going to a 1/2 BIZKIT show."

Without John Otto, who is going to 'Bring it to the Matthews Bridge?" Without DJ Lethal, who is gonna 'Bring it on' to My Generation? When did Fred Durst become all things Limp Bizkit? Oh right...he has always been hasn't he...

Durst told Billboard.com last month that Limp Bizkit was working on what he called "the heaviest, most crazy metal record of all time," "The Unquestionable Truth, Part 2."