Along with Eric Zane and Producer Steve I have been training for the 5/3 Riverbank Run. Every Saturday we meet with the strider's running group to get our long run in as a big group (group running = faster running!) After my disastrous showing at the Walt Disney Marathon, I felt that I had to come in to this one and try and redeem myself. I have been working my butt off training and it's finally paying off! (Zane needs to watch out!)

Saturday we raced in the Strider's 10 Mile Saturday Classic. It was kind of a prep race for the main event at 5/3 riverbank. I won my age division so I was happy about that and I got a sweet sweatshirt. That aside I took of running with Zane and honestly we were flying so I thought, "No! Another epic "disney" style failure!" So I slowed down, well my training must be paying off because a few miles later I slowly started gaining on him! Let me tell you the man looks over his shoulder more than anyone I know when he's running... more than the middle school kids I coach! That only tells me he's running scared! HAH! He did beat me in the race by about 30 seconds maybe a bit more. I have a few more weeks though to lay the hammer down and then maybe I can catch him!

I'll make sure to update everyone after the race!