Jackie In Commercial For Striders
We all know by now that I love running. I buy nearly all my running stuff from Striders and they other day they asked me to be in their new commercial! I thought that was pretty cool myself and said sure!
Jackie Runs, Santa Style!
I hate snow! Well I love hate it... It is very pretty. I like this time of year, like Christmas, and New Years, BUT I absolutely hate running in the snow! Give me a cold day for a run and I'm all about it, but throw some snow in there and I'm ready to throw some punches...
Jackie’s Riverbank Run Training Update!
Along with Eric Zane and Producer Steve I have been training for the 5/3 Riverbank Run. Every Saturday we meet with the strider's running group to get our long run in as a big group (group running = faster running!) After my disastrous showing at the Walt Disney Marathon, I felt that I had to…