According to an Atlanta radio station, 100.5, Axl Rose has flown into Atlanta to rehearse with AC/DC in order to help the band finish the remaining 10 shows on the AC/DC tour. There has been some odd speculation that Axl would be AC/DC's new singer, and then today it was "confirmed" by an Atlanta DJ.

Brian Johnson has been told by doctors to stop touring immediately, after being diagnosed with issues in his ears from excessive volume. Not only from touring, but also from driving his sports cars with huge engines without hearing protection.

There's been no official statement from Johnson or AC/DC about his being replaced, but there has been a LOT of rumor about him being replaced in AC/DC.

A few days ago, Alternative Press started pondering Axl's involvement with AC/DC, but there was no other corroboration on it until today's. Axl has been seen in Atlanta, but there has been no explanation of his presence until now.

Do you want to see Axl singing for AC/DC? Or should AC/DC just stop now that Brian Johnson can't tour?