An Indian news anchor for The News Express made the unfortunate decision to broadcast his coverage of the major flooding in India from the shoulders of a flood victim.  One would think that the reporter would realize his mistake and apologize for it.  Oh, no.  Not Narayan Pargiaen!  

He instead released this statement:

This was entirely the cameraman’s fault, who, it seems, almost tried to sabotage my career by shooting from that distance and angle and releasing the video mocking this whole incident, and making me the villain.

Pargaien stated that he was offered the shoulder ride to repay the reporter and his crew for supplying the flood victim with food, water, and some money.  Pargaien went on to say:

...he was grateful to us and wanted to show me some respect, as it was the first time someone of my level had visited his house.

The floods are in the Uttarakhand region and have caused hundreds of deaths.  Rescue efforts are still underway for victims in the area.