Did you know that back in the olden days, before there was high tech medical equipment, doctors use to do some pretty weird stuff to people to find out if they were really dead or not. I was killing beers the other night with a guy that’s in med school, and somehow he knew all the crazy stuff doctors use to do back in the old days.

For example, dude told me that back in the 1800 some doctors used nipple pinchers to make sure a person was really dead, they figured if they pinched the crap out of someone’s nipples, they would wake up from the pain, and if they didn't wake up, they were dead! Another thing some doctors would do back in the 1800's was give people they thought were dead tobacco enemas! Ouch!

How crazy does that sound? Yes, a doctor would place a plastic tub inside someone’s butt, then blow tobacco smoke up into their rectum, and I guess the idea was that the tobacco smoke filling up the persons butt would be hot and painful, which would cause the person to wake up if they were still alive! And if they didn’t wake up from the tobacco enema, they were officially pronounced dead.

Imagine if you were just drunk and passed out, and all of a sudden you wake up because some doctor guy shoved a plastic tube in your anus and is blowing hot tobacco smoke up your butt! How unpleasant.