A lot of times, the Facebook friends list can start to get a little crazy, right?  You meet someone somewhere, and you both think that you might start up a friendship or something, and then you friend each other online.

But then you forget about them, or they forget.  Whatever the reason, you just don't continue the actual friendship, or care about hanging out with the person ever again.  But do you remember to unfriend them?  Probably not.

So there they are, sitting quietly on your feed, occasionally posting something you don't care about, and joining the hundreds (or thousands) of others who are just junking up your Facebook feed.

How to begin The Great Purge:

Use the birthday app that appears on the top right of your Home page!  Usually there will be several birthday announcements on there, and you can look at them and decide how close your online relationship really is.

If you want to keep it going, wish them happy birthday.  If you're not feeling it, Unfriend them.  It's just that easy, and you never have to open the terrible friends page and try to find people you don't care about.  I mean, really Facebook, wasn't there any better way to make working on your friends list easier?

Doing it this way will chop that list down slowly but surely (I know, don't call you Shirley), and won't require any work on your part.  Facebook will just serve them up to you!