Here I sit, at my computer taking a quick eye break from video games, and figuring I would toss in my old Disasterpieces DVD from Slipknot when the album IOWA was released. Slipknot still kicks ass today, but not as much as they used too.

I really don't have to say to much, because the two videos are way better visually than any words can say.  I am a huge metal head, so hearing a band that took no prisoners before, go a little soft is kinda heartbreaking. Yea, it's cool to be diverse with your music, and it is always refreshing to hear a new sound from bands, but yea......just check the vid's and see some of the difference.

It seems like Corey Taylor is bringing that "Stone Sour" sound into the metal juggernaut that is Slipknot. It has been happening since their 3rd album. Who knows, maybe they will pull a Staind and go back to the roots.

Old Slipknot

New Slipknot