Games can be today are back then were designed to be frustrating and have you chuck your game controller or system against the wall. There is game is pretty much impossible to beat unless you have a Game Genie attached to your game, cause this game will kick your ass. I have played it for ever 15 years, and I STILL CAN"T BEAT IT!

What: Super Earth Defense Force is a side scrolling space shooter. It's a lot of fun because of your choice of weapons (Go with HOMING, it's always a fail safe).  Basically going out to save the world from the evil invading aliens...yea we have heard it all before right?

Why: It's overall a fun game! The music kicks ass, and watching your little buddy ships go around and whoop some face is pretty cool. Make sure you get to Level 5 upgrade, you are going to need it. If you want a challenge though, this is the game to challenge. The only way I can see the ending it by using a Game Genie other way. I DARE YOU to beat this game without Game Genie....have fun with that.