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Taking on Shao Kahn Again in This Level Sucks [Video]
We all knew that this day was going to come.
Where I was going to have to take on the Football/Hockey player of Shao Kahn, but this time, we're gonna take him on in another game where he was first featured.
Mortal Kombat 2.
Why is Super Metroid So Good?
Super Metroid is considered by many to be one of the greatest video games of all time, which I can agree with. However, what makes this game so good? Today's video games are detailed and realistic, so how does this old school 2-D side scroller still claim the #1 spot on so many 'Greatest G…
Super Nintendo Games That Are Worth Cash [Video]
Collecting things can be pretty fun, but can be expensive too! From coins to action figures, collecting things can become quite addictive. Old school video games have really started to rake in money when it comes to 'retro collecting.' Some people can amass a huge amount of game that could equal to …
Games to Try Before You Die: Super E.D.F (SNES)
Games can be today are back then were designed to be frustrating and have you chuck your game controller or system against the wall. There is game is pretty much impossible to beat unless you have a Game Genie attached to your game, cause this game will kick your ass.…