Mad Max is a pretty sweet movie. It was the first movie the featured a new actor straight from Australia...that actor today is Mel Gibson. The movie was about a dude who was taking revenge on a gang that killed his family, also searching for gas to fuel his car.

Then came a game that 'supposedly' had nothing to do with Mad Max, but all the similarities were there. The game though...was actually pretty kick ass!

What: Outlander is a game where you play a leather jacket dude who is out to drive across the desert. Fighting off biker gangs with your shotgun, car mounted machine guns and rocket launcher. Also stopping in random towns for gas.

Why: Well if you loved the Mad Max films, this game is for you. The gameplay was kinda clunky, but it was overall a fun game. When bikers would come up to your car window, you could take em' out with your shotgun! Gyro copters would fly by you and BOOM! Take em out with your rocket launcher on your car roof! This was not an easy game, but it feels like a 90's game. If your up for a challenge, then check it out.