Fighting games were amazing back in the 90's! Just that simple 1 vs 1 formula worked so well in the arcades. We didn't have to start fight on the street, we started fights on the arcade machines. The standard for fighting games at the time was either Street Fighter II or Mortal Kombat. Button mashing punches at it's finest. Then this word came up in fight games named....COMBO!

What: Killer Instinct is your typical fighting game, but with COMBOS! Pick you character and fight till the end and defeat Eyedol.

Why: At the time, the standard of fighting games was either Street Fighter II or Mortal Kombat. These games are amazing, but they were missing something that in today's fighting games would be blasphemy if it lacked it. A 'Combo' system. Instead of just going punch for punch, you could annihilate your opponents in a swift but difficult to remember button combination of 'can't miss hits.' Where did the combo system begin? Killer Instinct! The characters were awesome, (Cinder was always my favorite). Besides the combo system, the game had awesome finishing moves, great looking environments, and a character roster that many still remember today.

There have been only 2 Killer Instinct games to hit the shelves and we have not seen another one since. Fans have been clamoring for a 3rd Killer Instinct game, but one has yet to surface. Will we ever see another one? Only time will tell.