Dude....it's freakin' Duck Hunt....the real question is, who hasn't played Duck Hunt? It was the free game that you got with your NES back in the day. When you were not playing Super Mario Bros with your buds, you were shooting ducks....and hopefully that damn dog that laughed at you when you missed....I hated that dog.

What: Duck Hunt is a classic game of racking up the high score and see how far you get. You can either shoot ducks or shoot clay pigeons. Best part about it? You get to use that bad ass Orange Zapper gun for your TV!

Why: Well, who wouldn't enjoy Duck Hunt? It's a simple game where you just shoot stuff for a high score. Nothing confusing, just hunting ducks.

But then there is your dog, that if you fail a shot...he will suck his thumb and laugh at you....I have hated that dog for over 20 years and someday I will get my revenge on that dog....no one laughs at me for missing the duck....