Every year there is an amazing Trade Show that occurs in the video game world, and that show is the E3 Gaming Expo. Where the big game developers like Capcom, Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, and many more showcase their games among the world! So far this year, the Expo has not disappointed...

Here are some highlights from the show this far...

Resident Evil 6: Some great game play was shown during Microsoft's Press Conference. It showcased tons of explosions, how shooting is going to be handled, and the ever so popular "Quick Time Event" which made it's debut to the series in Resident Evil 4.  It looks to be quite the epic game, but of course, RE fan boys have already had their say that RE is becoming the "Michael Bay" of video games with all of the explosions. I welcome it, I think it's going to kick some major ass. Besides, original zombies are back too! Due out November!

Gears of War Judgement: The next game in the billion dollar franchise, but this game looks to be a prequel. According to Microsoft, they are including a new version of Horde mode, which apparently is going to be the best version of "Horde Mode" ever. I am excited for this game, but not as excited as I was for Gears of War 3, which I indeed loved, but didn't have the replay value as Gears of War 2 did. This game is set to be due out March 2013

God of War Ascension: I am happy to be living in a gaming world where games like God of War exist. If I was to pick my favorite Sony Exclusive...God of War wins in any battle. The game play trailer showcased some amazing stuff. God of War has always been a cinematic game, and GOW: A is no different. Especially when this Kraken like creature tosses a boat at Kratos. Every part of the wood cracking on the dock is just so detailed, it is just fun to watch. Quick time event kills are just as amazing. God of War Ascension is expected next year or so.

Wonderbook: Not your typical game, but kinda like an experience more likely. Ever wanted to have your books come to life? Well now you can. Playstation 3 is going to utilize the PS3 Eye Camera by reading. Kind of like the game Eye of Judgement, you can read a book on your table, have the PS3 look at the specially made books and the pictures will jump off the pages into your television. Pretty unique idea, and seems like the author of Harry Potter has already jumped on the idea!

Sony All Stars Battle Royale: What the hell is this you ask? It's Super Smash Bros for PS3, but with Sony Characters! Looks to be pretty sweet. You can fight with Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal, Crash Bandicoot, Sack Boy from Little Big Planet and more. Looks like it will be a stellar game, but we'll see how it matches up with Super Smash Bros. Personally, with the PS3 controller alone makes the game for me.

Some games not mentioned, but gonna give them some light here is Halo 4, Assassins Creed 3, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, The Last of Us. We'll get to those, no worries!

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Here is the full Press Show from Microsoft!