Everybody has taken the time to pop a zit every now and then... we're betting that your exploding back-acne pus never came close to landing you in jail. That is exactly what happened with an imbecile named Lemire Kato. The guy was having one of those days. You know, those days when you just HAVE to pop your back zits in front of a McDonald's.

Apparently this behavior is not appreciated by patrons of the establishment. In fact, it downright turns them sour on their Big Macs. And when people can't get take care of their Big Mac Attack, often times they call the cats in blue.

This story comes from the magnificent state of Florida. Kato gave the cops a fake name and took off on them. They promptly caught up with him, roughed him up a bit--then hauled his ass to jail for fleeing police as well as some drug offenses. This is America and you are free to pop your zits, but we'll be damned if we're gonna let you do it outside of our sacred institution of McD's! You'll have to pry the Big Macs from our cold dead hands!