I was thinking about calling this guy our douche bag of the day, or douche bag of the week, but I think I'm just going to call him a jack ass instead. Heard about this guy the other night and just had to share the story with you. A 38 year old Sean Murphy from England had a big fat juicy wart on the end of his middle finger (the ladies didn't like that too much) and the guy had tried with the creams, and the medicines to get rid of the damn thing, but nothing seem to work.

So dude decided he needed to take some serious action to get ride of this big fat juicy wart on the end of his middle finger, so the started drinking his balls off, got nice and drunk, super drunk, and then pulled out his shotgun and then placed his middle finger over the edge of his patio table, then positioned the barrel of the shotgun directly over his middle finger, and then used his other hand to pull the trigger, and blast the big juicy wart off the tip of his middle finger! Bang! And yep, that wart came flying off! And so did the guy’s entire middle finger, along with his entire hand!

The good news is, no more big juicy wart on the middle finger, the bad news is, no more hand and now the guy is going to have to get himself a nice shiney hook for a hand, and I don't think the ladies are going like that much either! "You want to do what with that hook Mr.?” Hahaha! You can't shoot warts off your fingers with guns, ya dumb drunk jackass!