Duke Nukem Forever has been in production for.....well forever. But 2011 can be marked as the year that the "un-shippable" game was shipped. But was the 12 year wait for the return of the most awesome hero welcomed with open arms or buried with E.T game cartridges in a New Mexico landfill?

Is the game good? Yes and no...

We'll start with the yes:  This game is just flat out fun. There is no crazy confusing customization, no intense online multi-player, you are not rewarded for a head shot. It is just old skool fun! You play a Duke Nukem, saving the world from aliens as they drank all Duke's beer and took his women. First person shooter action, blood, guts, aliens, strippers, beer, etc. The old skool weapons return like the Shrinker, Devestator, and the amazing Shotgun to take out Alien scum! If your looking for and just flat out good game, that plays like a 1994 first person shooter, you will feel right at home with Duke Nukem: Forever.

Ending with why its bad: Is it bad? No its not, but it is not being welcomed in this day and age because first person shooters have evolved so much since Duke was initially created. Gamers pretty much have a template of what an ideal first person shooter should play, in that case, Duke is far from the formula. But on his own? Duke is really a fun game! Another bad side is the fact that you can only carry two weapons at a time. In Duke Nukem 3D, you can carry like 12 weapons! What happened there? Maybe to make the gameplay more linear? Speaking of linear, and unlike Duke Nukem 3D, its not easy to get lost in this game, it kind of outlines where you are supposed to go. Also towards the end, it seems like the game decides to say "F___ YOU, let's ramp up the difficulty." The game gets REALLY DIFFICULT at the end.

Bottom line, its is a very fun game, but a shooter from 1994 is gonna run into the so called "Standard" of first person shooters today, thus it suffers from bad reviews, which is really too bad. I say, give Duke a try, but don't relate it to today, because you will be disappointed. It will always be time to KICK A__ AND CHEW BUBBLE GUM!

Lastly, at least games like this are still being created, because if they were not, the gaming world would REALLY SUCK!