When you think of metal, you tend to think of death, destruction, mad riffs, and overall bad-assery! Sometimes in all of the massacre that is METAL, we gotta look the other direction and think about making the MOST METAL FAMILY OF ALL TIME! David Draiman of Disturbed plans to do just that.

Straight from Loudwire:

Sunday is the big day! Disturbed singer David Draiman will marry his model/actress/WWE professional wrestler/professional tandem surfer fiancee Lena Yada on Sunday (Sept. 25) at an undisclosed location, the Pulse of Radio reports.

Draiman, 38, has known Yada, 32, for 10 years, dated her for two and got engaged to her last December, he revealed in a Tweet he posted on Monday. Yada, who goes by the nickname ‘The Asian Sensation,’ also appeared in the video for Disturbed’s ‘The Animal,’ the third single off the band’s 2010 album, ‘Asylum.’

Disturbed guitarist Danny Donegan and drummer Mike Wengren will be a part of Draiman’s wedding party during Sunday’s service, and like his bandmates, Draiman and Yada are indeed looking forward to having a family. “The other three band members have … been bringing their children on the road from time to time,” he told Revolver magazine last month. “Now it’s my turn to start [a family] of my own.”

Gotta give it to the guy, making a bad ass family like his will probably be pretty damn metal. I guess that is what a 'Hiatus' of your band does to you.

If you want to see what his significant other looks like, she is featured in the video below!