Apparently rock fans in Thailand don't take the news of concerts being canceled very well.  After Deftones announced that they had to cancel a show earlier this week due to "electrical problems", a few hundred fans expressed their displeasure.

Deftones were scheduled to play at the Thunderdome Arena in Bangkok, Thailand Tuesday night but nixed the gig after officials deemed the area unsafe due to electrical issues.  The band released the following statement addressing the cancellation on their official website:

"Due to local power issues that threatened the safety of the band and their fans, Deftones were forced to cancel their show last night at the Thunderdome in Bangkok, Thailand.  Deftones would like to apologise to those that were inconvenienced and hope to return to Thailand in the near future."

While most of the crowd reacted peacefully, there were those who took their anger too far.  According to Police Lieutenant Tawatchai Jongyingcharoen, the majority of fans went home quietly but a few hundred started a riot.

"They started throwing bottles at the stadium building, breaking windows and vandalizing tents and beer booths outside the venue. Some of the tents were set on fire," Jongyingcharoen told the Associated Press.

Footage of the riot can be viewed below.

I think the best part of the story is that Bangkok has a venue called the Thunderdome.  Now that's metal.

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