On Dec. 8, 2004, in Columbus, Ohio. There was a terrible event that occurred in metal history.

A shooting occurred at the Alrosa Villa venue in Columbus, where a band called Damage Plan was playing that night. Sadly, guitarist Darrell 'Dimebag' Abbott was fatally shot.

Since that day in 2004, bands of every genre always pay a tribute to our fallen brother Dimebag. Bands like Lamb of God, Nickelback, Slipknot, Black Label Society, Godsmack and more all pay their respect to the fallen lord of metal.

Dimebag was a damn good dude, He made even the shyest person feel like family.

Dimebag was the guitarist for Pantera, a band which Dime, Phillip Anselmo, Brother Vinnie Paul and Rex Brown formed in the late 80's. They became pioneers of the genre power/groove metal. Among their familiar tunes were 'Walk,' 'Cowboys from Hell,' 'This Love,' '5 Minutes Alone' and 'Cemetery Gates,' just to name a few.

Dec. 8 will always be a day that we will never forget the lives that were lost in the name of metal. Especially our brother, Dimebag Darrell.

Getch'ya pull!

Check out this video of me visiting the last door where Dimebag walked through.