Comet is a 7-year-old golden retriever who stumbled into my girlfriend and I's lives.  Yesterday my girlfriend, Brittainy, found Comet wondering around the parking lot of the Goodwill she works at.  Dehydrated and tired, Comet sauntered into "The Will's" parking lot around noon.  Brittainy brought the lonely dog some water, which he lapped up very quickly, and took him inside the store to get out of the heat.  This is where the story starts to get a little odd...

After bringing him in out of the heat, Brittainy checked his tags and found out that the dog was from Henryetta, Oklahoma.  This well mannered golden retriever was almost 900 miles from his home.

The veterinarian in Oklahoma told Brittainy that the dog was a 7-year-old male named Comet.  They also said that they would contact the owner and give them Brittainy's contact information.  Comet almost instantly felt more comfortable after everyone at Goodwill began to call him by name.  When Britt's shift ended, she contacted the vet again but they said that no one had called them back.  Britt took this as a sign to take this sweet dog home.  Comet the Oklahoman Wonder Dog was going to be ours.  Or so we thought...

Comet at Goodwill with his Golden Retriever poster in the background

When I got home from work, Comet greeted me at the door and we took him for a short walk around our house.  It felt as if it were meant to be.  Comet seemed to feel comfortable around us and was already mingling with our two cats.  After about an hour of being home I noticed a tick burrowed into Comet's head.  Being the web guy that I am, I turned to YouTube for my tick removal needs.  I found a video and carefully used tweezers to remove the insect from my new buddy's skull.

After I removed the tick, we noticed a sore on his hip and some fleas in his coat.  We both decided that it would be a good idea to take him to the vet and have him checked out and to see if he had a chip.  We took Comet to the Animal Emergency Clinic to make sure that he wasn't injured or sick.  Happily, Comet left the vet with a clean bill of health.

The first photo I received of Comet the Oklahoman Wonder Dog

This is where the story changes it's tone for both Comet's family and ourselves.  At about 10:45pm we received the call that we were halfway dreading.  It was Comet's family and they are here in Michigan visiting family.

Comet arrived in Grand Rapids prior to his family.  He was transported to a kennel in the area where he eventually escaped from captivity.

So after a day with the dog of our dreams, we came to the realization that Comet wasn't our Oklahoman wonder dog...  No, he was another families' wonder dog.

Comet's family picked him up from our house earlier today and now we are left without an incredibly smart, sweet, and well mannered pooch.

As I sit here, dogless, I wonder how Comet is doing.  I wonder what the hell he thought was going on the last few days.  Think about it from his perspective.  He probably gets knocked out from a tranquilizer prior to getting on the plane.  I assume he wakes up mid flight and has no idea where he is.  Next he would land in Michigan and transported to the kennel.  This is where the story gets foggy, we don't know how he escaped or how long he was gone.  But all of a sudden he meets Brittainy, who takes him in, knows his name, feeds him, bathes him, and gets him a checkup.  He is probably thinking "Who the heck are these people and how do they know my name?  Oh a treat!"

So that's our story of Comet the Oklahoman Wonder Dog.  We like to think that we are good samaritans and that we helped a family be reunited with their dog.  It's sad that we lost a friend so soon after we met him, but at least he is back with the people that raised him.  Farewell, Comet the Oklahoman Wonder Dog.  We barely knew ye...