Michigan Fan Comedian Destroys Ohio State Fan on Stage
I know the whole Michigan vs Ohio feud is a real thing up here, but I didn't realize that it spread into comedy clubs! Here's funny video of a comedian named Steve Hofstetter, hosting a Q&A at the end of his act. The questions start off about poop, and then go strange with an Ohio …
Michigan Woman’s Hilarious Kohl’s Cash Snapchat Rant Goes Viral
This is hilarious, mostly because we can all relate.
Amanda Bell, who lives in Saline, Michigan, ran to Kohl's for what she thought would be areal quick trip; but because of a lady in line in front of her, the trip was anything but.
So when she got home, Amanda took to Snapchat and using multiple…
Dude! Did You See the Bus? FBHW Segment 16
Today on Segment 16, the guys enjoy a news story where there's a bus! Did you know it was perfect bus-viewing weather? An amazing bus has come to Kalamazoo, and people are cheering and super excited that the bus has come to West Michigan! OMG a bus!

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