Each week at WGRD.com we feature the best of Recoil Magazine.  Recoil is a free news satire/local entertainment magazine based in the West Michigan area and published on the 1st of every month.

Half of Recoil’s content – edgy social and political satire – is intended to poke fun at contemporary news conventions and access, and to offer a humorous and provocative reflection of the state of modern society. The second half of Recoil’s 68 pages aims to strengthen the fiber of our local community by providing a comprehensive guide to quality West Michigan entertainment, reporting uncommon local interest stories, and presenting other features and columns pertinent to the culture of our area.

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    Public Support For Legalization Of Meth Reaches All-Time High Of .04 Percent

    Flint, Mich. – According to a ZOBGY poll released Tuesday, national public support for national legalization of methamphetamine hit an all-time high of four-tenths of a percent during June. According to the poll’s authors, support for meth legalization has rarely risen above .01 percent during the 10 years such records have been kept.

    Recoil Magazine
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    Local Weatherman Secretly Loves Being Wrong All The Time

    Little Rock, Ark. – Local meteorologist Kevin Burke revealed Wednesday that he is absolutely tickled by his track record for terrible weather predictions.

    “It’s been more than thirty-five hundred straight days since my daily forecast was, by any stretch of the imagination, correct,” said Burke. “It’d be a whole lot longer if we didn’t actually get that freak August blizzard I threw a blind dart at in 2003,” he added.

    Recoil Magazine
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    Microsoft Promotes Clippy To Director Of Marketing

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    U.S. Officials Begin Signaling Air Quotes When Saying “Citizens,” “Rights”

    Washington, D.C. – After a spate of recent scandals involving significant invasions of privacy by the U.S. government, the White House announced Tuesday that Administration officials are now mandated to hand-gesture air quotes whenever voicing the words “rights” and “citizens” during public speeches. The move appeared to align government policy with terminology, reflecting the federal government’s newfound disregard for the privacy rights of reporters, internet users, and just about everyone else.

    Recoil Magazine
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    Unfortunate Name Blamed For Mattress Store’s Lack Of Business