Guns N' Roses leader Axl Rose surprisingly agreed to an interview, the first in 14 years, while performing in Abu Dhabi.

Rose talked to Matt Wilson from the tabloid! section of  During the interview, the frontman told Wilson how much pressure he's felt living up to expectations.

"We have to live up to something, have to work a bit harder because you're living up to the legend or a myth or whatever.  It's more pressure when you're playing to live up to myth."

Rose didn't comment on any of the former GNR members or his lawsuit against Guitar Hero III publisher Activision Blizzard.

Axl also talked about current fans that come to Guns N' Roses shows.

"The diverse crowd aspect is actually the most interesting part for me because I think that pretty much sums up why the Guns catalogue has stood the test of time.  It crosses genres, it crosses religious lines, you know.  It's music that people can relate to.  That there is such a diverse crowd out there it makes it a lot of fun."

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