Legalizing the "Green Stuff" has been a hot button issue for quite a few years now. Debates rage on of how it is not bad for you, it is bad for you, its worse than this or that....and all the good stuff. Will it get legalized? I don't know...It might in the long run get legalized as long as it stays popular through the media...and that is exactly what Arch Enemy singer Angela Gossow is trying to accomplish.

First of all, I love Arch Enemy....this is one band that kicks major a__ and features one of the most powerful female metal vocalist of all time.

Angela has this to say about good ol' pot:

The young generation, they’ve had a couple of votes now. They’re trying to get it legalized. Which is good. It doesn’t do any damage to people, except when you’re prone to paranoia and schizophrenia then you’ve got to, you actually have to see a doctor if you’ve got problems like that. But for most people it’s very harmless, compared to hard liquor. And Sweden is very damaged by hard liquor. They have a very high alcoholic rate here, you know. Especially among teenagers, and drinking hard stuff… I mean, honestly, I’d rather see a 16-year-old smoke a spliff than having a bottle of vodka in their hands, you know?”

Everything she said there is up for debate, and could cause a ton of tension among people. So why don't you do the favor and post below? What do you think? or not legal?