Girls, I know its hard for you when you’re ending a relationship or getting a divorce, and I know for the most part most of you girls are crazy to begin with, even though you might not think you’re

crazy, you probably are. But do me a favor ok, next time your pissed off at your boyfriend or husband, maybe stab him in the leg with a steak knife or something, don’t do what this chick did, don’t cut off his penis!

This was the big story I heard at the bar two nights ago. A 48 year old California chick and her husband were in the middle of getting a divorce, but they were still living together at the time, so 51 year old husband gets home from work, and his soon to be divorced from wife has dinner waiting for him on the table, and the guy probably thinks oh this is a nice thing, right? See people can still be civil when they’re getting divorced. So dude eats up the dinner, only he didn’t know that she had drugged his dinner and soon after dude passes out.

Then crazy wife ties the guy to the bed, took off his pants, then slapped him a few times to wake him up, and when he finally woke up crazy wife pulls out a giant knife and slices the guys penis off!!!!! And then she picks up the guys sliced off penis, and throws it down the garbage disposal! Dude was rushed to the emergency room, where docs tried to reattach what was left of his cut off penis. Not sure how that turned out, but I’m guessing not well. Crazy wife was arrested and charged with aggravated mayhem, false imprisonment, assault with a deadly weapon, administrating a drug with intent to commit a felony, poisoning, & spousal abuse.

She’s now actually facing life in prison, which if you ask me isn’t nearly enough! That chick should be facing death! I think It would be cool if they did like they did in the old west and tied each one of her arms and legs to a horse and then made the horses take off running and ripped her body apart. But that’s just the silly opinion of some stupid guy that says stupid stuff on the radio and certainly not the opinion of Townsquare Media.