Dahmer is no stranger to weird nights drinking at various Grand Rapids establishments and he hears a ton of messed up crap! This is one of those tales. It's another edition of From the Bar Stool.

I hear a lot of good stories when I’m out drinking, so of course I always share them with you guys! It’s the story of 32 year old Jim, and 28 year old Kate who are married and live just outside of Chicago. Kate use to be a lesbian, but when she broke up with her last lesbian lover, she decided to go back to the meat stick. She met Jim and they got married.

Two years later Kate’s old Lesbian lover Christy calls her up and says “I’m in a bad way, I need a place to stay, just for one night, can ya help me out?” So former lesbian Kate talks it over with Jim, who is a good guy and says “sure your former lesbian lover can stay with us for a night, I don’t want to see anyone in a bad way, tell her we would be glad to help.” Well, later that night.3am, Jim hears his bedroom door open, he looks up and here comes Christy his wife’s psycho ex lesbian lover straight at him with a giant knife!

Now I would say its never a good thing for a man to hit a women, unless she is coming at you with a giant knife and trying to stab your brains out! Then I say knock her out cold! And that’s exactly what Jim did, knocked her out cold. He and his wife called 911 and cops showed up they arrested her and charged her with attempted murder. So just let that be a lesson to all you guys married to former lesbian chicks…if your wife’s ex girlfriend shows up looking for a place to stay, probably not a good idea to let her in!