Mothers day is just around the corner, and you have to figure out what to do with your mother. Problem is, you have no money, can't afford a card, and you honestly have no idea what to do for Mother's Day. Here is a suggestion, stay in and use what ya got, GLORIOUS VIDEO GAMES! Unless your mom is a serious gamer, you are gonna have to take the easy road on this one.

  • Duck Hunt (NES)

    An amazing classic! How difficult could it get? Grab your orange zapper, point at the screen, and shoot the duck. Simple...BRILLIANT! Plus chances are, when your were growing up, your mom bought you and NES and she played this game with you before you could even speak. In that case, she already knows how to play the game! You can battle for the high score or if you even get sick of shooting ducks, go after Clay Shooter instead. Either way, this game is simple, easy, and fun. Just make sure you have a non-flat screen TV...the zapper won't work on a your typical HDTV.

  • Wii Sports (Wii)

    When this game came out, Retirement homes bought Nintendo Wii's so elderly folk could get up and play bowling, tennis, baseball, etc. Hey, if a non-techno elder can play Wii Sports, so can you and mom. Even though this game is getting up there in age, it is still really fun to play. Especially bowling, because it is easy and still fun to play. Heck, even when I was in college in my dorm room, students from the hall would come down a bowl! It's another one of those games that took your everyday sports and make it easy to play in your living room. Just don't toss the Wii-mote into the TV, or else you will end up on YouTube.


  • Tetris/Dr.Mario (SNES)

    It is a fact, that women are typically better at puzzle games with their superior organization skills. If you were to go in my parents house and ask, "Where is (random object from 13 years ago)?" My mother would know what geographic location in the house it would be, and most likely when it was placed in that exact location. It just how my mom works. So what game works out for the organized mom? Tetris/Dr.Mario! What could work better than falling blocks, making them fit into small spaces and clearing the board for the high score?

    Dr. Mario? Taking out the the virus' with falling pills and eliminating the sickness, all in the same type of Tetris gameplay. Now take both of those games, and combine them into one, and you have hours of gameplay.

  • Angry Birds Trilogy (iOS, PS3, XB360)

    This game has swept mobile gaming in some many ways. When I got my first Smart Phone (aka...a non flip-phone), the first thing I requested to be downloaded was Angry Birds, because I heard it was fun. I showed this game to my mother, and she took interest in the game. Sometimes, took so much interest, I didn't see my new Smart Phone for about 3 hours! Angry Birds (if you didn't know) is a simple game where you fling a bird with a slingshot into the evil pigs that have stolen the birds' eggs. They released a 'Angry Birds Trilogy' game on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, so it has more of a group aspect to the game. Passing around an iPad kinda takes away the 'togetherness' of it. So grab a slingshot....or controller....and fling some birds!

  • Circus Atari (Atari 2600)

    Ok, I am really dating myself on this one, but this game is damn fun. Actually, this was the first video game I actually ever played with my mother. Even when I mention this game to her, she has fond memories of how fun it was (after all, it was the first video game she ever owned). Basically you have these controllers called 'Paddle Controllers,' you spin the knob-like thing to move your board on the screen. Shoot the little square-guy up in the air and pop the balloons. Make sure you balance right though, or else your guy could smash his head into the ground. As a kid, it was the funniest thing I had ever seen. Circus Atari is still a lot of fun, and will defiantly be a nostalgia trip for mom.