I am fairly new to gaming. I have played a few games such as Lord of the Rings Online, League of Legends and my new favorite Guild Wars 2! Now let me start off by saying this... I AM A NOOB. In my opinion though, being a noob is awesome! We were all noobs at one time right? Anyway I am quickly discovering that /dance can mean a whole different thing to different people! Check out the top 10 coolest guild wars dances according to me!

  • Gangnam Style!

    Sexy ladies!

    I LOVE THIS ONE. This one is a montage of Human and Asura dancing all over Tyria! I'm lovin' that I get on Just Dance 3 every night and rock out to this one myself... but I am not as good as the Humans or Asuras!

  • Dubstep

    Get Down Asura!

    I love those little Asura! I think I love them even more when they get down and dubstep! This one should be to that new Three Days Grace song Chalk Outline!

  • Bhangra Dancing

    Sylvaria's Bollywood Adventure

    The Sylvari get down with their Bollywood selves with some Bhangra dancing!

  • Carleton Dance!

    The Norn Get Down!

    Oh the Norn... such sexy creatures... it's not unusual to see them get down like this!

  • Flash Mob!

    Guild Wars Flash Mob!

    So many players all synchronized! This is pretty sweet!

  • Can't Touch This!

    Guild Wars Can't Touch This REMIX!

    Okay, so it isn't an exact MC Hammer replica but I like the effort, sexy dance moves I must say to some Hammer Time!

  • Britney Spears- 1,2,3

    Sylvari Spears!

    This is awesome, it's so in sync with the music! Part me of wants to learn the damn dances and my my own dance video!

  • Guild Wars Dance Off!

    The races have a dance off! Takes me back to middle school when it was cool to gather in a circle and do dumb dances in the center! Love it!

  • Dances Around The World

    Destination Unknown

    This one is cool, it's all to a techno song and covers all the races all over the world! A glimpse at every dance!

  • Freddie Falls From Heaven

    Freddie Mercury Look Alike

    This is the best! First off, the character looks just like Freddie Mercury so there's a point, secondly he dances like a bad ass... I love Queen and I love this video!