I like video games, not like crazy obsessed Dungeons and Dragons in my moms basement kind of like, but I enjoy the occasional Assassins Creed, now and then. I have never been the player that simply HAS to play all night and day until I finally beat the game... that was until I found a game that beat me.

LOTRO- Lord of the Rings Online; I am obsessed. By obsessed I mean I play everyday while I am not working, then at work I bring my laptop in with me so I can play some more. Once I am home and in bed I usually play in bed until my eyes burn so bad I have to fall asleep.

I now understand why people get so addicted to these games... THEY ARE AWESOME, I find myself talking to JT or Dahmer and just smiling and nodding because in reality I'm thinking about pwning the hell out of some goblins or going all ape s___ on yellow fang (hes a wolf...)

I even have been getting peed off at other users, before I'd occasionally play a game I didn't mind the stupid kid who wanted to follow me around and chat during game play. Now some noob storms up to me trying to get me to join there gay a__ fellowship and I flip! Just leave me alone 12 year old boy! I'm trying to get to Bree-Land so I can complete some god damn quests!

whew it feels good to get that off my chest, first rule of an addiction is to admit you have a problem right?