Yesterday on Segment 16, the guys talked about a Zeeland woman who's been fighting Wells Fargo for 10 years to keep her home, after a Wells Fargo screwup has cost her thousands.

Today, we learn more, talk to her, and find out even more disgusting things about the criminal banking empire.

Fox 17 has been getting her story out there, and the guys want to help, which is why they contacted Gretchen, to have her talk about the things she couldn't cover on the TV stories.

She has an eviction notice that she has to be out of her home by October 3rd, and things keep getting worse. After foreclosing on the home, Wells Fargo continued to hound her for payments, which she paid, yet she doesn't technically own the home anymore, and those payments didn't help her situation.

She's getting some help from a Wells Fargo whistleblower, and her case is going as high as they can take it up the federal ladder.

We wish Gretchen luck in her fight...and that Wells Fargo gets shut down after all the criminal activities they're involved in.

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