Looking for something to do for Valentine's Day? Millions of people are taking tips from this Southwest Michigan TikToker.

Gabriel Reyes from Zeeland, a.k.a. @gabedala has taken the "what do you want to do tonight" out of his vocabulary and is getting millions of views on TikTok because of it.  Gabe currently has 279.3 thousand followers and 8.3 million total video likes on the popular social media app TikTok. Here is how Reyes describes his content,

Lifestyle couple challenges!  We are currently doing a series called the alphabet dating series where we go on dates based on the alphabet. So for 'A' we went to Applebees and did Axe Throwing and recently we did O where Olive Garden actually paid for us to get dinner! It’s a great series!

Speaking of the letter 'A.' The first video in his dating based on the alphabet series is his most viewed video pulling 4.9 million views and over 703 thousand likes.

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In this TikTok, Gabe created a punch board for his girlfriend's 21st birthday.  This video has been viewed an astounding 2.6 million times.

Then we have this 7-second video clip about wordle that pulled in a whopping 3.9 million views.

Gabe's 3 favorite TikTokers are:

I also asked Gabe if there's anything else he would like for us to pass along in this article and this is what he said,

If you want to make content and have dreams to pursue a career, you CAN make it happen. Don’t let people change your mindset of what you want to do in life. I really just want to inspire people with my content and let everyone know to spread positivity and love.

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