Today on Segment 16, the guys check out part two of a news story about a family getting screwed by Wells Fargo and other companies, and she's just trying to pay her mortgage, and keep her family from being homeless. She's been fighting this for 10 years, and has taken things to the federal level.

Gretchen Molotsky changed her insurance provider for her home, and that has led to years of hassle about her mortgage from Wells Fargo, and it has caused her payments to skyrocket. This has snowballed and and is leading to her bankruptcy. She's trying to save her family from losing everything, and is fighting all the way to the federal level.

These companies get so big, and then lose their way. They claim they're based around "customer support", but they're really not. They make everything more difficult in order to get more money from people, and then create multiple accounts to screw them even more!

Big business isn't an evil idea, but these people that get into these positions of power at the big companies really make it seem like it. It's all about huge golden parachutes, and screwing the little people.

Part three of the story is coming tonight...and the guys will talk about it some more!