Even before writing this, I've decided what I'm ordering from this restaurant.

In honor of National Fried Chicken Day, which was July 6, Yelp decided to do America a favor by letting them know where they can find the best fried chicken based on what state they live. They did so by collecting data on reviews that mentioned "fried chicken"

...then ranked those spots using a number of factors including the total volume and ratings of reviews mentioning “fried chicken.”

The restaurants also had to have a health rating higher than a B or 80 as of July 1, 2020.

Something to note is that the data included all types of fried chicken. It doesn't come just one way, that's what makes it so good...whether you like it on waffles, in a breakfast sandwich, spicy, or plain.

The title for best fried chicken in Michigan [according to Yelp reviewers] goes to The Southerner in Saugatuck. As the name states, The Southerner is a fried chicken joint that offers Southern-style dishes and cocktails. One user writes,

The best fried chicken biscuit sandwich I've tasted. "We got the Nashville Hot, and it was just perfect. Not greasy, not too hot, and super tasty. (via Insider).

I recently went to a local establishment and ordered a Nashville Hot sandwich and unfortunately it was dripping with sauce and TOO HOT to even enjoy, and that's coming from someone who loves spicy food. So seeing this type of review is enough to get my taste buds going.

The Southerner's website says they are currently open for dine-in service and are open for breakfast & lunch and dinner and have a variety of cocktails to "wet your whistle!"

Going to a Saugatuck is an annual summer visit for me so the next time I'm there I'm excited I already know where I'll be getting my grub on. Plus, the restaurant is right on the water so I consider that a bonus.

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