For many folks, Yellowstone National Park is a bucket list destination, a place that people dream of coming to and making lifelong memories.

For decades now, families have come to the Park to spend part of their summer enjoying some of the most amazing sites and stunning views on earth. The Park, which is celebrating its 150th Anniversary, was predicted by many to have a record year for attendance. However, after massive flooding this week, that record year appears to be in jeopardy.

The Park closed all entrances on Monday after record-setting flooding took out portions of roads, bridges, and even homes.  Visitors to Yellowstone were evacuated for safety reasons and that left several people scrambling to find a place to stay.

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While the flood waters have gone down and some roads have re-opened, the question that several people have is: when will Yellowstone National Park re-open? It appears that we might have some answers on that subject.

According to the website for Yellowstone National Park Lodges, the Park will remain closed at least through Sunday, June 19th. For those that had reservations in one of the Park's lodges, the website had this to say: "If we are not able to provide the lodging or tours/activities you’ve reserved at the time of your reservation, we will cancel and fully refund those arrangements."

Xanterra, the company that manages the lodges and restaurants in the Park, released a statement to employees stating that the National Park Service will keep Mammoth closed for the remainder of the summer "due to a compromised sewer system." The statement also went on to say that Roosevelt Lodge will remain closed for the remainder of 2022.

This is certainly not what the folks at Yellowstone had in mind when planning on celebrating 150 years, however, the Park has certainly seen weather issues before, and this too will pass.  We're just not sure when, but when we are, we'll let you know.

Here is a list of verified GoFundMe pages, if you're looking for ways to help Wyoming and Montana flooding victims.

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