PornHub is not only the purveyor of amazing internet one-handed typing material, but is also responsible for people sitting (or lying) still more often, only exercising one hand. But since they're givers, they've created a new workout system, to help you lose pounds while, I guess.

Introducing BangFit!

The video above lays out the whole process, that involved your phone, a belt, the website, and a game. You select what kind of "game" you're going to involve yourself in, alone, with a partner, or multiple stud...and then bang along with the game on screen!

You have to download their app for your phone, so it syncs with the website part of the game, and you're off!

You collect points for your banging skills, and can even boast of your accomplishments on social media, just like all your crossfit friends do! But you'll be having a LOT more fun than they are, guaranteed!

Let's all get in shape!