A woman who married a ragdoll claims the inanimate object got her pregnant with a doll baby. She even had a ceremony to celebrate the doll's "birth."

Meirivone Rocha Moraes, a 37-year-old woman from Brazil, claims that being single led her to grab a needle and thread and to create Marcelo: her life-size ragdoll husband.

She says she and the ragdoll fell in love and she even got pregnant. She even claims she gained 4 pounds during her "pregnancy."

Not wanting to "give birth" without first getting married, she arranged a wedding in front of 250 family and friends before going on a honeymoon in Rio de Janeiro.

Moraes claims she was in labor for 35 minutes before giving birth to the doll at home. A doctor and nurse were both present for the birthing ceremony, which she says was a pain-free experience for her.

The event was livestreamed to over 200 people.

According to Moraes, "It was a wonderful day for me, very important, very emotional."

She claims her ragdoll husband is a good father and "is such a man and all women envy him."

However, she does have one criticism for Marcelo.

She alleges her husband is "lazy," but that she is a "warrior and I keep it going for us."

When it comes questions about her behavior, Moraes calls herself "a woman of character."

"My father, my mother taught me to be honest, to be a good person and not want to take advantage of anything," she says.

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