We can't really think of anything that would possess any of us to stop in the middle of traffic and hop on top of a moving school bus but apparently for this guy, tinted windows just get him really jacked. 

Kevin Crowe was driving down the Mass Pike in Newton, Massachusetts when he stopped in the middle of the travel lane after swerving in front of a bus and trying to wave it to pull over as well.

Crowe slammed the brakes, the bus stopped behind him and that's when Crowe decided it best to climb on the hood of the bus and peek in the windshield.

Dashcam footage shows Crowe on top of the bus and you can also see him yell/ask "why are your windows dark!?"

Apparently Crowe is pretty proud of himself and says he just wanted to make sure the nonexistent passengers on the bus were safe.

Yup, the bus was empty yet Crowe decided it was his duty to check on it.

Source: 7 News Boston

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